Archive for November 11, 2020

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind Trailer: Get Ready for Jaws in Space

Taking ideas from one iconic movie could be a good start for any new movie, but Shark Encounters of the Third Kind doubles down with two classics.

How Does Batman Favorite Kevin Conroy Feel About Robert Pattinson Stealing His Iconic Line?

Kevin Conroy gives his opinion on Robert Pattinson's Batman stealing his iconic line.

Millie Bobby Brown Takes on Netflix Fantasy Adventure Damsel

Millie Bobby Brown will play a princess who must avoid getting sacrificed to a dragon in the Netflix fantasy movie Damsel.

Spawn Reboot Is Still Coming, Will Be Edgy & Different Promises Blumhouse Boss

Producer Jason Blum assures fans that Spawn is still going ahead and calls the movie 'different' and 'edgy'.

WandaVision Had Paul Bettany Rethinking His Past Career Choices

Working on Wandavision gave Paul Bettany a new love and understanding for the traditional American sitcom.
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