Archive for November 23, 2020

Stephen Lang Says Don’t Breathe 2 Is Its Own Thing

Don't Breathe 2 wrapped filming recently and is expected to arrive in theaters this summer.

Sean Connery Classic Finding Forrester Is Becoming a TV Show at NBC

The Sean Connery movie Finding Forrester is getting reimagined for the small screen at NBC.

Over 600 U.S. Movie Theaters Reclose Heading Into Thanksgiving Weekend

The sudden closure of hundreds of movie theaters in North America led to a dismal result at the box office over the weekend.

The Witcher Holiday Slay Ride Trailer Celebrates Witchmas on Netflix

The Witcher Season 2 is yet to get an official release date but the Netflix series is surely decked for Christmas.

Gremlins 3 Script Is Written, Creator Promises Puppets Instead of CGI

Chris Columbus says a script for Gremlins 3 exists and that he would use minimal CGI, opting for practical puppets.
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