Archive for February 9, 2021

Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Is Doing Cherry Press Pantless

Tom Holland revealed on Instagram that he's been doing press for his new movie without pants on.

Ice Age Animation House Blue Sky Studios Gets Shut Down by Disney

Financial setbacks caused by the pandemic have brought an end to Blue Sky Studios, the Disney-owned animation house behind Ice Age, Rio, and The Peanuts Movie.

Neil Marshall’s The Lair Gets Compared to a Mix of Dog Soldiers, Alien & Predator

Director Neil Marshall calls The Lair a full-on monster movie akin to the likes of Dog Soldiers, Alien, and Predator.

Jurassic World 3: Sam Neill Says They Shot a Six-Hour Movie

Sam Neill, who is returning as Alan Grant, says Jurassic World: Dominion was like shooting a six-hour movie.

Michael B. Jordan Will Return in Black Panther 2 If Needed: They’re Family

Michael B Jordan would love to return to the Marvel franchise, opening up the possibility of Killmonger as Black Panther.
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