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WandaVision Reveals How Fake Pietro Landed in Westview, But Who Is He Really?

While the latest episode has diffused any prior theories about 'Pietro,' his identity is still a big question mark.

Matthew McConaughey Shares the True Story Behind His Infamous Titanic Audition

Matthew McConaughey reveals what really went down at his fabled Titanic Audition

Gina Carano Gives First Sit-Down Interview About The Mandalorian Firing This Sunday on Ben Shapiro

In her first sit-down interview with Ben Shapiro, Gina Carano explains how she felt 'bullied' by Lucasfilm, also noting that she's 'not going down without a fight.'

Brett Ratner to Make Directing Comeback with Milli Vanilli Biopic After Misconduct Allegations

Years after his Warner Bros. firing in 2017, Brett Ratner has teamed up with Millennium Media to direct a biopic about the controversial lip-syncing duo Milli Vanilli.

Martian Manhunter Actor Harry Lennix Addresses Joss Whedon Justice League Allegations

Justice League actor Harry Lennix speaks out on Joss Whedon allegations made by Ray Fisher and investigated by Warner Bros.
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