Archive for February 25, 2021

Paranormal Activity 7 & Pet Sematary Prequel Will Go Straight to Streaming on Paramount+

Paramount+ will debut both the upcoming Paranormal Activity reimagining and a prequel to Pet Sematary.

Is Henry Cavill’s Super Secret Project the Mass Effect Movie?

After some investigating, it looks like Henry Cavill could be working on a Mass Effect adaptation.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Whiteboard Decoded: What Does It All Mean?

The best part about the Spider-Man 3 title reveal's teaser may be the whiteboard where the title was written.

Firestarter Reboot Will Respect the Original Movie While Digging Further Into the Book

Firestarter reboot with Zac Efron will take its cues from 1984 original starring Drew Barrymore.

Mortal Kombat Reboot Has the Most Watched Red-Band Trailer of All Time

The Mortal Kombat trailer has reportedly become the most popular red band trailer of all time, surpassing Logan and Deadpool 2.
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