Archive for February 27, 2021

SAS: Red Notice Trailer Reveals Ruby Rose’s First Project Since Quitting Batwoman

Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, Tom Wilkinson and Tom Hopper star in the action thriller SAS: Red Notice this March from director Magnus Martens.

Does Latest WandaVision Episode Reveal Yo-Magic Shark’s Identity?

Episode 8 of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series pulled back the curtain even further to explain many of the show's mysteries.

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Bella Shares Rare Selfie to Sell Art Prints

The young artist mostly chooses to stay out of the spotlight in an effort to allow her work to speak for itself.

Tom & Jerry Scores Second Best Opening During Pandemic with $12.5 Million

Warner Bros. released Tom & Jerry in theaters and HBO Max this weekend, giving viewers the choice of where they want to see the long-awaited movie.

Latest WandaVision Theory Believes Wanda Was a Mutant Long Before Strucker’s Experiments

WandaVision introduced the fact that Wanda could've had her powers before she ever was exposed to the Mind Stone experiments under H.Y.D.R.A. and Baron von Strücker.
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