Archive for March 23, 2021

J.K. Simmons Addresses His Future with Both the MCU and DC Movie Universe

While the MCU is bringing back J.K. Simmons popular Marvel character, can the DCEU do the same?

Forest Whitaker Joins Tom Hardy in Netflix Action Thriller Havoc

Black Panther star Forest Whitaker has joined Tom Hardy for The Raid director Gareth Evans' Netflix action outing, Havoc.

Weirdest and Most Common Movie Deaths Broken Down and Ranked in New Study

Recent research has revealed the most common ways, and some of the most bizarre ways, that people die in movies.

Put an Original Blockbuster Video Marquee on Your House Right Now for $150,000

Described as 'used' and listed with a minimum bid of $150,000, an official Blockbuster Video marquee sign is currently up for sale on eBay.

Best Lex Luthor Debate Has Jon Cryer Naming Gene Hackman or Michael Rosenbaum as the GOAT

Fans are debating the Lex Luthor GOAT and Supergirl star Jon Cryer says it's between Michael Rosenbaum and Gene Hackman.
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