Archive for March 28, 2021

Godzilla Vs Kong Scores the Biggest IMAX Opening Weekend in More Than a Year

Godzilla Vs Kong led by a $9.4M bow in China, IMAX captures 10%of opening weekend global box office on only 1% of overall screens.

Anguish: Looking Back a Late 80s Slasher That Packs Gruesome Surprises

1987's Anguish is an inventive 1980s Spanish slasher that packs strange style that's worth revisiting.

Dazed and Confused Reunion Screenings Announced with Matthew McConaughey and Parker Posey

Jack Black will host Dazed and Confused for Alamo Drafthouse in the latest 'Support Local Cinemas' event.

Pete Davidson & Jack Harlow Explain NFTs in Eminem Inspired SNL Music Video

Pete Davidson brings back his Eminem impersonation to explain NFTs in a new music video from Saturday Night Live.

Big Shot Trailer Has John Stamos Coaching High School Basketball on Disney+

Disney+ has released the trailer and poster for their next streaming series Big Shot which stars Full House legend John Stamos as a basketball Coach.
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