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Godzilla Vs.Kong Gets Review Bombed by Angry SnyderVerse Fans Boycotting Warner Bros.

Some of Zack Snyder's fan base has decided to boycott Warner Bros. by hitting Godzilla Vs. Kong with bad reviews.

10 Undersung 1990s Thriller Movies Worth Revisiting

It's time to get stressed with the top 10 thriller movies of the 1990s.

ThunderCats Movie Is Happening with Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Adam Wingard

Godzilla vs. Kong helmer Adam Wingard will direct and co-write a ThunderCats movie for Warner Bros. using hyperrealistic CGI and animation.

State Park: Revisiting a Little Unknown Summer Sex Comedy of the 80s

On the hunt for more Sleeper Comedies Of The 1980s, we take a look at State Park from 1988.

Watch Chris Hemsworth Prove His Thor Strength Against an Arcade Game

Chris Hemsworth tests his punching power at an arcade against a punching bag game.
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