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The Expendables 4 May Shoot This Fall According to Randy Couture

The Expendables star Randy Couture says that a new script is being written for the fourth installment with plans to start shooting the sequel this fall.

Peeps Are Getting an Animated Movie

Easter candy Peeps Chicks and Bunnies are getting their own animated feature with the news coming just one day after the holiday.

Black Widow or Lady Loki: Who Is That in the Latest Loki Footage?

Fans are debating whether the big reveal in the new Loki trailer is actually Black Widow or instead the more likely Lady Loki.

Silence of the Lambs, West Side Story and Other Classics Are Returning to the Big Screen

A dozen cinematic masterworks will return to movie theaters nationwide with 2021's TCM Big Screen Classics Series.

Thandiwe Newton Wants Her Name Spelled Correctly from Now On: I’m Taking Back What’s Mine

Thandiwe Newton says her name was misspelled early in her career and she's now decided that she wants her real name on all movie and TV credits going forward.
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