Archive for April 11, 2021

What Lies Below Director Explains Baffling Ending to His Netflix Horror Hit

Many found the ending of What Lies Below to be confusing, so writer and director Braden R. Duemmler offers answers.

Anya Taylor-Joy Imagined as Barbara Gordon in Batgirl HBO Max Movie Fan Art

Digital fan art of Anya Taylor-Joy as Barbara Gordon has some DC fans convinced that she'd make a perfect Batgirl.

#MakeTheBatfleckMovie Trends as DC Fans Campaign for Ben Affleck to Get His Batman Movie

Calling for Ben Affleck to get his own solo Batman movie, thousands of DC fans have the hashtag #MakeTheBatfleckMovie trending on Twitter.

DMX Loved Watching The Golden Girls On Set with Gabrielle Union

DMX was apparently a huge fan of The Golden Girls as regaled by his Cradle 2 the Grave co-star Gabrielle Union in a resurfaced 2017 interview clip.

Friends Reunion Special Wraps Filming, Is Coming to HBO Max Soon

HBO Max will be announcing a premiere date for the long-awaited Friends reunion special in the near future.
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