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Gerren Taylor Dies, Baldwin Hills Star and Model Was 30

Gerren Taylor was a young model and known celebrity for her appearance on the reality series Baldwin Hills.

Netflix Challenges DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Fans to Nude Davion Drinking Game

Netflix doesn't think you'll make it to the end of the series if you drink every time Davion gets naked in Dota: Dragon's Blood.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Mid-Season Trailer Sets Up the Endgame

Following WandaVision, Marvel Studios' second Disney Plus series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, inches near its end and promises big surprises.

Trigger Point Preview Pits Barry Pepper Against Dark Government Operatives [Exclusive]

Barry Pepper stars in Trigger Point as a retired U.S. special operative who drawn back into a dangerous world of secrets. Out everywhere April 23, 2021.

Was Disney’s The Lone Ranger Reboot Really Going to Unleash a Werewolf in the Old West?

The Lone Ranger director Gore Verbinski confirms the movie was set to feature a werewolf at one point.
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