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Alligator Loki Spin-Off Idea Pitched by Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant pitches his idea for a Loki spin-off featuring Classic Loki and Alligator Loki.

Gemma Chan Talks About Playing a Different MCU Character in Marvel’s Eternals

The actress' role in the upcoming movie makes her one of the few actors to appear as two different Marvel characters on the big screen.

Spider-Man Meets the Pope in Unlikely Vatican Appearance

Not a scene from the new Spider-Man movie, but the webbed-wonder did have an audience with Pope Francis in the form of cosplayer Mattia Villardita, who was there thanks to his charity work with children.

Jar Jar Binks Actor Would Love to Play Mr. Fantastic in the MCU

Ahmed Best, who is best known for playing Star Wars' Jar Jar Binks, throws his hat into the Fantastic Four ring.

Aquaman Director James Wan Explains Why He Wanted to Return to the DC Universe

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director, James Wan reveals several details while explaining what persuaded him to return to the world of DC.
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